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About the owners - Andy

Andy Ord

A bit of a dreamer they always said, but hey, without dreams we have no goals, so I'm happy to be a dreamer!

A great son, husband, father, brother and friend I hope would be said, and yes I care and sometimes too much.

Passionate and strong, would also be true, worked hard for everything I have and would not change a thing. After 20 years working from the bottom to the top, with experience in business management retail and industry, life threw me my biggest challenge to date, illness, a few years ago I got knocked of my feet by a stroke, glad to say whatever the reason I survived and with determination and a passion and a will to live, I picked myself up. 

Its sad that it takes something bad to happen to make us appreciate every little moment, so thank you to everyone, the people I know who gave me the memories I nearly lost and to the memories yet to be made, here's to life and here's to Kuboo, my new start.

Why use Kuboo?

The Kuboo difference means we cut costs not corners, and to let or sell your box we think outside of ours. We are independent, online experts, and the really good bit is we really do save you money. So it’s simple, say hello and let’s get started!

Super Surveys

Give your home the care and attention it deserves, with a Kuboo RICS approved surveying service. A few pounds spent with a survey could literally mean thousands of pounds saved on your next investment. Give us a call today.

Find a Home

Can’t promise by clicking this link, your find a mansion in Beverley Hills once owned by Marilyn Monroe, but go on press it, you never know what’s waiting for you...A dream flat or house with space, can’t find what your looking for, then hey we must be doing our job, and its gone, but don’t despair say hello so we can keep you up-to-date.

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