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About Us

Over 20 years of property experience

HI, HELLO, HOW ARE YOU, BONJOUR, GUTEN TAG, welcome to Kuboo an exciting new concept in everything property related, from surveying to lettings we do it, and we do it very well.

There are two of us at Kuboo yes two, David and Andy that’s us and we do everything you need. We bring passion and experience in abundance, and that added to the power of the internet equals something very close to amazing.

Kuboo was created from our need to save our clients (that’s you) thousands of pounds in silly fees that the industry seem to love to charge, so its win win not only do you get the best service possible coupled with experience, you also save loads of money, that stuff we all work very hard for.


So why are we different?

  • We care, we really do...
  • We are experienced property professionals regulated by the RICS
  • We save you money, no gimmicks we do what we say.
  • We advertise just as much as all the others.
  • We are an online business so those savings get passed to you. (no shops)
  • We need you to be happy as no you = no us

So to sum up Kuboo is new, is exciting and is a real safe pair of hands for your property, sale, let or survey. It really is that simple.

Kuboo is a big success story in a very short space of time, we are happy that the blood, sweat and tears in getting this far has paid off, we hope you will be pleased too.  Don't forget to tell your friends and everyone else about us.

Why use Kuboo?

The Kuboo difference means we cut costs not corners, and to let or sell your box we think outside of ours. We are independent, online experts, and the really good bit is we really do save you money. So it’s simple, say hello and let’s get started!

Super Surveys

Give your home the care and attention it deserves, with a Kuboo RICS approved surveying service. A few pounds spent with a survey could literally mean thousands of pounds saved on your next investment. Give us a call today.

Find a Home

Can’t promise by clicking this link, your find a mansion in Beverley Hills once owned by Marilyn Monroe, but go on press it, you never know what’s waiting for you...A dream flat or house with space, can’t find what your looking for, then hey we must be doing our job, and its gone, but don’t despair say hello so we can keep you up-to-date.

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