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Phil Spencer’s Property Tip of the Month

Got your moving home checklist sorted? Phil Spencer’s Property Tip of the Month


If you’re moving home, it may be tempting to breathe a sigh of relief once the removal van is booked. Whether renting or buying, it’s likely you’ll have endured months of searching online, attending viewings, organising your finances and finally signing the appropriate paperwork.

You’ll no doubt be both exhausted and excited by the whole process – which you’ve had to fit around going to work every day or doing the school run – and now you’ll be keen to sit still for five minutes.

But try not to lean back just yet as there is still work to be done on switching your services, post and utilities.

It may not seem important at this stage in the process, but rest assured you’ll be wishing that you’d kept your focus if you arrive at your new property to find you have to wait three weeks – or more – before your telephone line and internet is connected. Or that those important documents that you were expecting in the post have been delivered to your old address.

You may no longer be searching online for property anymore, but with so much of our lives revolving around the internet, from banking to keeping in touch with friends via social networking a broadband connection is vital. While you may still be able to use these facilities via your mobile it’s an expensive way to download compared to home based Wi-Fi.

To help you avoid such frustrations, visit the Zoopla website for the move planner that provides a comprehensive countdown to jobs to do during a move.

Once you’ve selected your moving date, it provides a timetable for when tasks need to be completed, including when to organise your broadband and telephone service, when to contact gas and electricity providers, and updating your TV licence with your new address.

There’s even a reminder about updating your child benefit and pension providers with your new contact details.

With an extra bit of careful planning during this final stage, the move into your new home can be seamless and stress-free!

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