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Residential Surveying Services

Our services for your bricks & mortar

Yes yours, most of us have them, yet why do we avoid protecting them, the bricks and mortar that is.

A little fact to change your mind:

Incredibly only about 20% of homebuyers have a survey! Yet we rarely survey a building that has no defects. It is very often the case that the report highlights defects which are sufficient to negotiate a discount, very often more than offsetting the survey cost.

We get it all boils down to costs, but come on people you will think nothing of paying £300k for a house but wont spend £300 to see if its ok.

Another thought; the Car needs an MOT or service; we pay, the dog is sick, we go to the vet; we pay, but the most expensive thing we posses is our bricks and mortar and you guessed it we don’t like to pay, so many times we hear the words “Why didn’t I have a survey?”.

At number 1 on Kuboo’s chart is The RICS HomeBuyer Report, this little beauty will tell you most of what you need to know to save you a divorce in a few months when you find the roof is falling down and you start killing each other. This report starts at around £295, yes £295. It really isn’t rocket science is it.

Another option is the Building Survey, the big brother of reports which you will need if you're buying something old and unusual.

Very important - the mortgage valuation (the one you have to pay your lender for) is to safeguard their money; do you realise that very often some financial institutions do not inspect the property, relying upon automated valuation models and or drive by inspections, it is certainly not for your benefit.

If you need us for those horrible times such as following divorce or death, we can help by offering matrimonial and probate valuations.

There has been talk about Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) again and the Home Information Pack (HIP) this is now only required in Scotland, (thats a cool place up north). In the months and years ahead there will be a greater emphasis on the EPC not only all sellers and landlords but by those wishing to obtain Green Deal finance for energy saving measures. Phew that expensive training and exams will come in useful. So yes we offer EPC’s from £100.

Under consultancy agreements we carry out specialist work nationwide, this includes the valuation and inspection of social housing properties for housing associations, other public bodies and financial institutions, we also undertake mortgage valuations and other surveying work as part of these agreements.

Why use Kuboo?

The Kuboo difference means we cut costs not corners, and to let or sell your box we think outside of ours. We are independent, online experts, and the really good bit is we really do save you money. So it’s simple, say hello and let’s get started!

Super Surveys

Give your home the care and attention it deserves, with a Kuboo RICS approved surveying service. A few pounds spent with a survey could literally mean thousands of pounds saved on your next investment. Give us a call today.

Find a Home

Can’t promise by clicking this link, your find a mansion in Beverley Hills once owned by Marilyn Monroe, but go on press it, you never know what’s waiting for you...A dream flat or house with space, can’t find what your looking for, then hey we must be doing our job, and its gone, but don’t despair say hello so we can keep you up-to-date.

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